Olive Oil

Affiorato Geraci olive oil

1 l

49.00 CHF

extra virgin olive oil

A sparkling and creamy olive oil with a unique character!

The Affiorato is the oil of Advent, the first pressed oil of the year, fresh and powerful at the same time.This perfectly balanced pure olive fruit juice is awaited each year by all impatient connoisseurs. .

This early olive oil is the result of know-how and an early harvest. The still green olives are picked by hand and pressed a few hours after the olivade; the olive oil obtained by cold extraction is unfiltered.

Olives: 100% NocellaradelBelice

Location of harvest: Partanna, Trapani, Sicily

Fruity: Vegetal

Taste power: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


Aromatic notes: Cut grass, tomato leaf, fresh almond, green apple.


Tasting advice : It goes well with many dishes or just for fun on good bread.

And it goes perfectly with: Cooked or raw vegetables, roasted poultry and meat, seafood cuisine, fresh cheese, mashed potatoes, winter dishes such as soups or pasta gratins.

Hand-picked olives, pressed within 24 hours.

The Producer and the Geraci estate

Affiorato, which literally means "that which has risen to the surface", takes its name from an ancient manufacturing process used in Italy. The oil being lighter than water, it "flushed" to the surface and the resulting nectar had the specificity of being fresh and delicate.

To achieve this intense nectar for Oliviers & Co, Massimiliano Géraci, historical partner, has implemented an exceptional selection method. The most beautiful plots of olive trees are carefully selected and then only the healthiest and greenest Nocellara del Belice olives are crushed immediately after harvest.